Thursday, April 29, 2010

70 minutes - Ireland 0 Scotland 2 FULL TIME

Another disappointing day in Santiago, Ireland again were second best and looked nervous on the ball once again. A tough battle ensues to avoid the wooden spoon as the only side yet to record a point and the lack of goal threat is a real worry.

69 minutes - goal disallowed

Very long discussion and the goal is ruled out after three players offer their opinions. A bit unedifying. It's academic for Ireland while the Scots may need the goal difference later on down the road.

GOAL Scotland 3 Ireland 0

Laura Bartlett gets on the end of a goalmouth scramble and nudges over the line.

GOAL Scotland 2 Ireland 0

The answer is no. Scotland have a three on one down the left and work it reasonably well to the baseline where Bell pushes it back to Vikki Bunce who thrashes the ball through Goode's defences and dribbles over the line. Game over... to make matters worse, Emma Clarke and Eimear Cregan argue long and hard but Clarke is off to the bin for a yellow card.

66 minutes

Cregan's pass find the marauding Nikki Symmons in space coming from the back to attack down the right. Her cros though is snuffed out. Emma Smyth has a reverse-stick shot blocked as Ireland rally late on. Is there a point on offer against a dominant but tiring Scotland?

64 minutes

Goode produces yet another stop after a clearance goes straight to Aimee Clark who bashes goalward. From the rebound the ball is fouled and its corner number six. Goode blocks but Ireland take an age to be cleared and another corner is given up. Maguire clips just wide from an elaborate switch.

56 minutes

Lizzie Colvin carrying the fight for Ireland, unlucky not to be allowed play on as she drives into the circle with the goal opening up. Alison Bell, at the far end, hits the baseline and flips the ball across goal but two sliding players can't get a touch and the ball eventually breaks to the left edge where the third fresh-air of the game occurs. Not sure how bright the light is out there but seems odd that so many have occurred today.

54 minutes

Samantha Jude's upright reverse hits the sideboard and Alisa Robertson sweeps high from the next wave of attacks only for Goode - who again has done well - to palm out for a long corner.

53 minutes

Emma Clarke drives forward, drops the ball under her arm to Cregan who bullies her way to Ireland's third corner. Michelle Harvey's drag though hits the foot of a tumbling Julia O'Halloran in front of the goalkeeper and wide

48 minutes

Fifth corner for Scotland, Megan Frazer deemed not five when she stole the ball from an auto-pass free, touch and go decision but corner given. Excellent double save from Goode from Emily Maguire and Aimee Clark's cracked follow-up keeps the deficit the minimum

45 minutes

Ireland back-marking, allowing balls straight from defence to forwards with little pressure twice in quick succession. Game being played at close to a standstill.

42 minutes

Cregan dances through to find a foot and win Ireland's second corner. Slow push-out leads to a mix up at the top. Cliodhna Sargent ends up with the ball, spins, but misses the ball but takes a good chunk out of Marshall in the process which leads to a slight break in play.

40 minutes

Not a whole lot going on. Cregan fires across but Walker clears comfortably. Mainly shadow-boxing between the 25s

36 minutes

Argentine legend Jorge Lombi takes his place in the stand next to the Hook and a couple of the Irish supporters and we're ready for the second half.

HALF-TIME - Ireland 0 Scotland 1

Another disappointing half. Scotland have been the better side with Ireland showing up slightly better than yesterday but only sporadically threatening on the break. Four corners to one gives a fair assessment of the situation.

GOAL - Ireland 0 Scotland 1 Alison Bell 35th minute

Alison Bell gets the final touch 22 seconds before the break. Samantha Judge drove through three tackles, shot once got the ball back and pushed knee-high just wide of the goal where Bell paddled the ball in. Scotland still down to ten players as the half-time hooter goes. Scotland 1 Ireland 0

33 minutes

Top class break, Symmons feeds Smyth who beats one and plays in Cregan on the left edge. She drives past two players and her shot, spins wide via a deflection. The umpire on the stand side is getting a bit ratty, blowing her whistle numerous times as too many frees are being taking too quick for her liking or more than a metre away from their designated spot

31 minutes

Yellow card - Aimee Clark sin-binned - incredibly harsh, she nudges the ball away all of 20 centimetres with no Irish player ready to take a free. Can Ireland take advantage?

31 minutes

Eimear Cregan green card for a clumsy tackle on halfway.

26 minutes

Big chance for Ireland as first Eimear Cregan dances through a world of tackles and slips the ball just beyond goalkeeper Walker but the ball drifts just beyond O'Halloran and agonisigly to the corner flag. No matter, Cregan repeats the trick and wins a corner. Beautiful switch move sets up Michelle Harvey on the right but the defender reacts quickly and nips the ball from under her stick as she swings to hit.

25 minutes

Big tackle by Bridget Cleland on Vikki Bunce to deny the attacker as she skirts her way around the circle and the chance is blocked.

22 minutes

Alison Bell finds Emma Smyth's foot and wins another corner - Scotland's fourth of the day. Smyth block's Judge's initial effort and and Kareena Marshall's second phase effort is well dealt with Mary Goode.

19 minutes

Niamh Small green carded for a diving tackle on halfway; Scotland had an overload so not a terrible option.

17 minutes

PC3 for Scotland - Laura Bartlett goes straight from an autopass and the tackle flashes the ball skywards just in side the circle. Emily Maguire, though, hits wide.

14 minutes

Niamh Small's first touch of the tournament is an excellent one to chip the ball past the last defender down the right wing and gets a shot in from the edge. Its not cleanly struck but still draws a decent, gloved save from Abigail Walker and out for a long corner. Good effort.

11 minutes

Still scoreless, Ireland camped in their own 25 as Scotland apply a full-press.

8 minutes

Slow push out but not closed down and Judge gets a shot in which finds a foot for a second corner. They fail to stop the ball and Ireland have a counter-attack which founders on the Scottish 25 with sub Aimee Clark - on for two minutes - taking a blow to the head. Yet another Scottish fast break goes just awry as Ireland are under pressure.

7 minutes

Scotland pc 1 - first corner, Scotland break through the middle and find a foot on the right endline.

6 minutes

Ireland string a series of seven passes together, something not seen at all yesterday! Scotland had an early break down the left from Samantha Judge which came to nithnig.

2 minutes

Emma Clarke quick auto-pass sets a great move in motion, Julia O'Halloran was initially awarded a corner but ruled out from halfway. Better start, Scotland have made a few basic stickwork errors.

Small in for Jacob: Team line-ups

For Ireland, Niamh Small comes in for Lisa Jacob in the one change to the 16 matchday players. Scotland are making their first appearance of the tournament.

Ireland: M Goode, R Flinn, C Sargent, E Cregan (capt), E Clarke, B Cleland, A Speers, J O’Halloran, N Symmons, A O’Flynn, E Smyth
Subs: M Harvey, S McCay, M Frazer, L Colvin, N Small

Scotland: A Walker, V Bunce, A Bell, C Forrest, S Judge, L Bartlett, A Robertson, E Maguire, L Wrightson, L Fawcett, K Marshall
Subs: K Cameron, H Cram, L Clement (capt), C Dow, A Clark

Welcome to live updates: Ireland vs Scotland

Ireland get their second WCQ fixture under way in just over 20 minutes. Despite the protestations from the Chilenos  - who all seem to be wearing fleeces and woolly jumpers - it feels a bit hotter today at the amazing Manquehue complex in Santiago. It's about 24 degrees and the sun is directly above the pitch for the fixture.

You can find and listen to live audio stream (username and password required) at The Hook, meanwhile, will post a couple of updates on this site during the course of the game but, due to pressure from other media outlets, they may be a bit sporadic.